Welcome to the new Pelagic Group site!
We are a team of executives and unreformed entrepreneurs who have build our careers around innovation.  Through Pelagic Group, we want to bring that experience to work for you.
We create value from innovation.
Innovation is the essence of the “a-ha! moment” when you realize you’ve just created something new.  It can be the result of long hours of hard work or a flash of inspiration. It can happen in big companies or small.  The term “innovation” often conjures images of a scientist, engineer, or programmer toiling in obscurity in their laboratory, garage, dorm room or parent’s basement. While the laboratories and garages of the world have yielded some of the great innovations of our time, innovation can come from anyone at any time.
Now what?
Pelagic Group is ready when you want to create value from your innovation.  We help you answer the question now what?  We are a team of big thinkers and doers.  Our team has built successful companies in multiple industries and we have the experience, imagination, and drive to make the most of your big idea.  We work with entrepreneurs, established companies, investors, researchers, government agencies and institutions.  Our services include executive management consulting, business development, financial modeling, technology & product strategy, capitalization strategy, and due diligence support.
Our process.
Through years of experience in launching, operating and exiting new ventures we have developed a proven process.
  • Understand  – we seek the best possible understanding of the innovation and more importantly, how it disrupts the status quo. This is the inspiration for our slogan “Ready to Make Waves?”
  • Quantify – what is the value of the disruption? Is it global or local? Is it incremental or revolutionary? How do we realize that value?
  • Make a Plan – a key element to realizing value from any innovation is a working plan.  No plan will ever account for every possible eventuality – but the process of building the plan is critical to uncovering the assumptions, actions, risks, and resources necessary.
  • Assemble the Pieces – talent, leadership and capital in the right amount at the right time.
  • Execute with Urgency – constantly assess and adjust, be prepared to improvise and adapt.
We look forward to working with you to create value from your innovation.  We hope you’ll visit us here from time to time as we share our thoughts on innovation, technology, healthcare, and occasionally something completely off the wall!